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Spectrum Chemistry - Complete Set (Including Rainbow Supplement)

Spectrum Chemistry - Complete Set (Including Rainbow Supplement)

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Spectrum Chemistry is a One-Year Honors-Level High School Chemistry Program that will prepare your student for college and beyond. This is a standalone complete set for students that have either not completed Rainbow Science or still need the durable materials.

Still have the Rainbow Science durable materials? You can save by purchasing the Spectrum Chemistry Complete Set for Rainbow Users.

Complete Set (Including Rainbow Supplement) includes:
  • Textbook and Teacher's Guide
  • Quiz Packet
  • Notebook
  • Lab Workbook
  • Durable lab materials (can be reused by subsequent students, e.g. glassware)
    • Includes durable lab materials contained in Rainbow Science
  • Renewable lab materials (will be used up during labs, e.g. sponge)
  • Just buy a gallon of distilled water before you start, and you will have everything you need at home to complete each lab!
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