What is Beginnings Publishing?

We provide high-quality science programs designed for homeschooled students. Our programs are:

  • Faith-based
  • Easy-to-follow
  • Written by PhD scientists
  • Lab-focused
  • Child-friendly
  • Memorable
  • Done 3 days a week

Published Reviews

Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling®, The New Big Book of Home Learning

“This course looks like a winner to my husband, Bill, the MIT graduate, who reviewed it. He says, ‘I highly recommend it.’”

Cathy Duffy, Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manual, Review by Valerie Thorpe

“This delightful science curriculum is specifically designed for Christian home school students. The full-sized, full-color paperback text is written in a personal, friendly style that makes it fun to read,
and concepts are simply and clearly explained. A separate lab manual for the student gives detailed and often humorous instructions for the weekly experiment. Also available is a neatly packaged set of lab
materials with everything needed to carry out the experiments.”

The Rainbow

Rainbow Science is a Two-Year Complete Science Course for Middle School Students. The recommended grades for this program are 7th and 8th or 8th and 9th. Biology (second year) can be used for high school credit!

Students who are advanced in science can begin The Rainbow in 6th Grade.

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The Spectrum

Spectrum Chemistry is a One-Year, Honors-Level High School Chemistry Course that will prepare your student for college and beyond. The recommended grade is 10th, 11th or 12th. Students who are advanced in math and science can take The Spectrum in 9th grade, in tandem with Algebra II. We offer Bridge Math as a highly-recommended pre-course.

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