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The Colors, Year 1 (Science for 10 to 12 year olds)
Complete Set (prepublication price)**   $156  
Extra Lab Workbook   $13  
Extra Activity Book   $13  
The Rainbow, Year 1 (Physics, Chemistry)
Complete Set (includes the following 5 items)  $271  
Textbook (2-year textbook)  $85  
Teacher's Helper (2-year guide for text & lab)  $20  
Durable Equipment Set (reuseable)  $99  
Renewable Supply Set (consumable)  $50  
Lab Workbook  $23  
The Rainbow, Year 2 (Biology, Applied Science)
Complete Set (includes the following 3 items)  $162  
Durable Equipment Set (reuseable)  $86  
Renewable Supplies (consumable)  $55  
Lab Workbook  $23  
Bridge Math (Scientific Math Primer)
Complete Set (includes the following 4 items)  $43  
Workbook  $20  
Teacher's Helper  $10  
Scientific Calculator  $15  
Mechanical Pencil (Pentel TwistErase) $3 
The Spectrum, Chemistry
Complete Set (includes the following 5 items)*  $316  
Textbook  $90  
Teacher's Helper  $20  
Durable Equipment* (reusable)  $79  
Renewable Supplies (consumable)  $103  
Lab Workbook  $26  
KY customers, add 6.0% of subtotal as Sales Tax 
* Users of The Rainbow subtract $35 for equipment in the durable set that can be reused.

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**Note: The actual release date for The Colors is dependent in part on factors outside our control. If you must start school on September 1, please do not order this curriculum. Those who have the flexibility in their start date will receive a handsome discount over the final pricing after the release date. Ordering Year 1 at the discounted price entitles the customer to a comparable discount on the Year 2 set in the following year. The pricing of the Year 2 set is not known but is substantially less than the price for Year 1.